• Whalers Groin colony at the harbor

  • One of the feral colonies at the harbor


About Wild Feline Rescue

Wild Feline Rescue is a non-profit organization started to help feed and spay/neuter feral cats. We feed the harbor cats nightly and try to trap them so we can spay/neuter and re-release them. If kittens are found we remove them, socialize them, and try to get them adopted.

We have a thrift store in Crescent City named The Purple Cat which is one of the ways we earn the money needed to do this.  Donations to help us are gladly accepted at the Purple Cat or mailed to the address below.  We need volunteers to help feed the cats as well.  Please stop by the store to fill out an application if you think you would like to help with this.

The Purple Cat is located at 457 Vance St (PO Box 1235), Crescent City, California

Telephone:  (707) 464-7729

The Purple Cat Thrift store

Recent Rescues

General Information

Board of Directors are:

Katie Berkowitz
Vice President:
Kim Crews
Dorothy Camarena
Phil Daly

Members at large:

Carol Leither, Marilyn Owens, Cheryl Hemmingson.

Wild Feline Rescue
P.O. Box 1235
Crescent City, California 95531
(707) 464-SPAY (7729)
Important Warning!
WFR would like to remind the public that feral cats are wild animals and should never be underestimated. Use extreme caution when handling feral cats! Any fees, injuries, and/or damages that occur as a result of interaction with feral/domestic cats are the responsibility of the individual(s) handling the cat(s). Wild Feline Rescue and its representatives are in no way liable.

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